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We get it

MCT has extensive experience as a shipper of consumer goods. We are familiar with the intricacies, sensitivities, and urgency needed by your supply chain and logistics teams. Our understanding of your needs is what sets us apart from others in the industry. Our unique perspective and strategic structure give us the insight to do more for you than the typical freight brokerage. Leverage our logistics and supply chain experience to your advantage and put our sophisticated and cost-optimizing solutions to use in your business today.

capital-based transportation division with fleet of 53′ dry vans

MCT’s fleet of 53′ dry vans, along with strategically-located terminal facilities and driver bases, means that we can transport your goods efficiently anywhere in the 48 states and Canada. We provide top rate customer service with safe delivery of your goods.

dedicated carriers with drop trailer capabilities

MCT’s dedicated carriers give you the best option to enhance the performance of your business, increase efficiency, and reduce overall costs. Our drop trailer capabilities mean that you maintain independence with a more efficient pick-up process, your deliveries are on time, and driver schedules are more cost effective for you while meeting stringent driver service requirements. Your freight will be serviced effectively and efficiently.

one point of contact

At MCT, you will not experience the frustration and miscommunication that can result from having to communicate with multiple contacts. MCT Logistics gives you one point of contact who focuses on your unique needs, thereby building a solid relationship with you and completely understanding your business.

24-Hour Dispatch and GPS Tracking

MCT offers 24-hour dispatch to meet your needs whenever they arise, as well as GPS mobile tracking on every load. This level of availability and connection helps MCT to communicate effectively and maintain the highest level of service from pick up to delivery.

financial strength

Our strong financial backing means that we pay our carriers within 48 hours, no discount, no questions asked. Quick payments strengthen our relationship with our carriers, and in turn, the capacity that you have access to.

no voicemails – you always get a person to pick up

Transportation never takes a break, so we don’t either. MCT has a dedicated after-hours team to ensure you’re receiving the consistent service you deserve. You always have access to a human, not a machine.


Our network is your network. MCT’s diverse carrier capacity gives you immediate access to a variety of services. We utilize three different types of capacity: common carriers, dedicated fleets, and private fleets. Our carriers are required to meet our stringent policies. We monitor carrier compliance and performance on a daily basis and take pride in using only the best carriers to transport your freight.

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