History of MCT Logistics

Mike Clark Transportation was established in April of 2010 as an asset-based truckload transportation company. By the end of the year, growth with our customers had progressed to the point of needing to add a logistics division.

In January of 2011, MCT Logistics was formed to service customer needs that our asset-based division could not cover. With complete and on-time service as our model, revenues grew to over $2 million by 2012.

MCT Logistics has continued to grow and add services, including air freight, expediting, less than truckload, and railroad derailment transportation. With over 5,000 carriers associated with MCT Logistics, we look forward to certain growth in the future.

gps tracking

MCT Logistics offers GPS mobile tracking to our customers and carriers on every load. This level of visibility helps Arrive communicate effectively and maintain a high level of service from pick up to delivery.

online tracking

MCT’s online portal makes it easy for you to find your freight during transit, in real time. Log on any day, anytime for a status update.

load matching

MCT’s load matching software allows our carrier team to identify active capacity within our network. Your freight will be serviced effectively and efficiently.

Key Performance Indicators and Custom Reports

Our team runs customized KPIs and reports based on your supply chain needs to give you data driven solutions.

24/7 Carrier Monitoring

MCT has high standards when choosing the carriers we work with. Our stringent requirements and unmatched due diligence help you mitigate risk. Our software is designed to prevent using carriers with poor safety scores, insurance, or authority status.


Eliminate errors and boost productivity through MCT’s EDI integration. We have the ability to streamline order entry, truck assignment, and accounting processes.

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